there is a vegan in the soos family!

Soos proudly presents Fat Choi, a plant based dining concept on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Fat Choi offers a 100% plant based menu equally as delicious as its older sister. 

As some of us have been enjoying a completely plant based lifestyle, this concept has been on the minds of the Soos team for quite some time now, and we figured it was the time to take the next step in sharing our culinary journey with you! Under the wing of chef Tricia Soo, we bring you a menu of delicious flavours and familiar, comforting Asian eats that are completely plant based. 

Though Fat Choi is not quite ready to leave the 94 Ossington nest yet, we hope to move into our very own location in in the future! For the time being, we’re excited to share our plant based eats with you, and the evolution of our restaurant.